Established in 2020, West Coast Wildflowers opened during uncertain and delicate times. Despite the global pandemic, founder and owner Alissa Assu marched forward with a mission to support local artisans across Canada, with a special efforts towards showcasing Authentic Indigenous artisans. Discovering local artisans with sustainable and ethical business practices will be at the forefront of our small business. Particularly choosing products and clothes that exceed trends and making better choices for our community. 

From leaders in the fashion industry to small businesses, together we can all make a difference. Collectively, we have a responsibility to ourselves, community and you - the customers who support our mission. Supporting local, buying local more often and growing our local economies. 

What's the challenge with sustainability? These issues are complicated. It’s not always clear what's right and far too often we find large fashion companies greenwashing without making any real progress, or making matters worse. We feel that our community deserves better from us. Tabi Misiyh (thank you) for helping us to reach this journey.

Our commitment is that we won’t do anything we don’t believe in.

Together, we can make a difference. 



West Coast Wildflowers has researched approaches for retails (trust us there are many!). This approach speaks to the heart of West Coast Wildflowers, Indigenous owned and operated lifestyle boutique.

  1. UNDERSTAND our Social and Environmental impact
  2. IDENTIFY opportunities for improvement both short and long term
  3. ACTION that is positive and creates meaningful change
  4. BUILD a roadmap for the future that aligns with our values


West Coast Wildflowers takes steps towards sustainability:

    LOCAL our Social and Environmental impact is reduced by CHOOSING local artists and makers first
      PACKAGING ain't gotta be fancy. You might receive your hand made treasures in a cereal box, shoe box or even our product shipment box. But hey - no judgement here! If you want a fancy Wildflowers & Co. box we are happy to send it - we all do our parts (in different ways) to make our planet a better place to live

        As we launch in 2020 we work to make packaging more sustainable. Our first step is ensuring all e-commerce packaging is minimized and fully recyclable. We are choosing protective paper bags over lame-old cellophone. But hey, we can always do better. If you have a better option for us - we are ALL EARS! 

        That's all folks! 

        Ali Assu | Founder and Owner