Hadih (Hello), My name is Alissa (Ali) Assu, I am the owner of Westcoast Wildflowers and I am Wet'suwet'en from Witset, British Columbia. During the global pandemic, I choose to pivot from the Provincial Coordinator, Performance Sport role at Indigenous Sport, Activity & Recreation Council (ISPARC) to launching an Indigenous lifestyle boutique that honours and creates a safe space for Indigenous artisans and products to be highlighted in the same competitive retail market as other talented makers.  This business was built on a platform to support local, purchase local and grow our local communities, to build meaningful and authentic partnerships across community and finding a team that believes in this mission too.  September 2021, I began the process of making...

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           Hello, My name is Ali, owner of Wildflowers & Co. Each week, I share content that ranges from ethical, sustainable, refill program, low waste alternatives to BIPOC matters. This week, I will be exploring a business that embodies what it means to be an ally towards an Indigenous business. Now let's begin! Welcome to Wildflowers & Co. virtual community gathering place, I welcome this space to all allies and BIPOC community. It's a virtual space that I intend to grow with love and compassion while leading difficult conversations, challenging regular business practices, support BIPOC artisans  and making allies along the journey. Arro Athletics is BIPOC supportive, inclusive of body positivity and sizing to female entrepreneur changing...

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ACTIONS after the 'Hashtags' #StopAsianHate

Wildflowers opened with the advice 'do not be political' however, I chose a different path. I chose a path of authenticity, being vulnerable, choosing transparency and unapologetically me. I chose me. Alissa Assu, with my mothers lineage to the Wet'suwet'en First Nation and fathers lineage to Vietnam. From a lineage of Immigration and First Peoples of Canada, it both beautiful but exhausting. The #stopasianhate is not 'over there' across the boarder. Indigenous, Black and Asian people experience it here within our boards of Canada. Let's educate each other, Canada was built through Indigenous genocide and the exploitation of Asian workers. My father was an illegal immigrant to Canada, growing up I witnessed how my father was treated for his skin...

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