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Serenity Now herbal infusion blend is a combination of calming & stress reducing herbs to bring a sense of peace + relief + calm energy to your being. Helping to soothe an overworked sympathetic nervous system & bring feelings of ease back to the body. This blend feels like just that inhale in being able to take a moment to be in our bodies, and come back to presence. Allowing our minds & bodies to remember what a harmonious state may feel like, or to sustain us as we navigate being in sympathetic overdrive during times of intensity, grief.

A delicious potion of Skullcap, Holy Basil, Damiana, Spearmint & Licorice to reduce anxiety, soothe the nervous system, and bring a sigh of relief to the mind + body + spirit. Helping us to stop overthinking, worrying, questioning, and being too much in our heads. Serenity Now calls us to the present moment, calls us back to our center & back into our bodies - so that we can move forward in a grounded, nourished, way.

This blend may be helpful for preventing burn out, for when you feel you've been on sympathetic overdrive, and need to come back to the present & rest (for most of us living in colonized systems that keep us in fight or flight mode) 


Holy Basil, Skullcap, Damiana, Spearmint, Licorice


SKULLCAP is a potent nervine, supporting our nervous system & bringing a sense of calm and peace to the body. Traditionally worked with for Anxiety, and reducing over-thinking, worry, rumination. They are also trophorestorative, meaning they help to actually *heal & restore* the nervous system! They are one of my favorite nervines as they are calming, yet don't make me sleepy. Skullcap is also helpful for nerve pain. In this way they actually help to soothe the nerves & nervous system. They are supportive for folks who experience life intensely. Those who may feel overwhelmed or extra sensitive to lights, sounds, smells, colours, energies, etc. They are also helpful for people who tend to overthink.

DAMIANA offers that widened perspective, and circulatory stimulation to remind us that this reality is just one of many. To broaden our awareness & lift our Spirits. Skullcap brings us back into our bodies, out of our heads, and actually acts to *restore* the nervous system (trophorestorative).

HOLY BASIL is in a few formulas this season as they are just so supportive of our overall mental & physical health. They are an adaptogen as well as promote overall vitality, and focus. They not only calm the mind, and reduce anxiety, but they also provide a sense of presence that allows us to really focus on the task in front of us - vs. ruminating about all the past + future events swirling around.

SPEARMINT + LICORICE are such a delicious combination. Licorice is an adaptogen that may help our bodies to harmonize & adapt to stress. They are also immunomodulators, meaning they may help to stimulate the immune system if needed, and may also support the immune system when over active. Spearmint may offer hormonal balance, reducing excess androgens. Like most members of the Mint family, Spearmint also may bring relief from stress & calming effects. Licorice is not typically suggested for folks with high blood pressure, as always, this is not medical advice ~ please see a trusted practitioner for guidance.


Delicious as an infusion/tisane any time of day, hot or iced. I love this blend all day long as it doesn’t make me sleepy or groggy, but just calm, in my body & focused. 2-3tsp loose herbs per 12oz boiling water, steep, covered, for 10-15 minutes. Sip with presence & a few good breaths, connecting you back to the moment.

*In Compostable Packaging ~ not plastic*