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Adaptogenic + Chaga + Nourishing Cacao
This nourishing blend of Adaptogens & Cacao is meant to offer support, sustained energy, and Ritual to your day. Helping to balance stress, cortisol levels, and offer deep vitality to your being. {No sugar in this blend, you can add sweetener of your choice :)} *Formula has been updated & is smoother + creamier, so yummy

Adaptogens are plants that help our bodies adapt to stress - stress can range from chronic energy depletion from a stressful job, traffic, children, illness to just everyday stress that comes from living a busy lifestyle. They remind our bodies that we can breathe, they help to nourish us from within, and bring us back to Harmony. Each Adaptogen is unique, but generally, they help our bodies cope with stress from deep within.

The blend includes two kinds of Cacao - Organic Raw Cacao and Organic Cocoa. Calling in the energy of Cacao, to bring you back to your core & offer energetic support.

Next, come the Adaptogens: Shatavari, Ashwaganda, and Chaga Mushrooms to help balance stress levels & support your adrenals. Each one also helps us to ground into our path, while also awakening the ability to Vision & see our situation with clarity. Chaga adds the spark of fire we need for creation & sustained energy.

With a bit of Lucuma for sweetness & antioxidants, and Coconut milk powder for healthy fats + mouth feel. No sugar is added to this supportive blend, you can choose to add the sweetener of your choice. I prefer raw honey or maple syrup.


1-2TBSP per 12 oz of preferred liquid. Recipe is included with the Hot Cacao. Can also be added to Coffee for an at home Mocha with added nutrients + adrenal support. You can also add to smoothies, or to Bliss Balls.


Anytime you want a nourishing & grounding medicine. Can be added to rituals to increase groundedness + visioning. Best to take 3x a week as Adaptogens tend to work better over long periods of time. You will start to notice their effects the longer & more regularly you work with them.


Cacao is a pure form of chocolate, rich in anti-oxidants, magnesium and is unprocessed. It comes with all of the benefits of chocolate, as well as a strong bitter taste. Cacao is a Sacred, Ceremonial Medicine, and I have not received teachings to share widely. They are a beautiful being, and we can work with them in a good way.

Shatavari is an Adaptogen with a strong affinity for the reproductive system. There is research suggesting that Shatavari can enhance fertility, as well as increase one’s ability to handle stress. I think of their Medicine as not just enhancing physical fertility, but also our ability to Create. To bring harmony and healing to our our Sacral + Root energetic Centers.

Adaptogens are essentially herbs that help our bodies:minds:emotions:spirit respond to stress in a healthy way. They often also help to build our reserves, and nourish us from deep within. Shatavari is also worked with in Traditional Chinese Medicine as a flying herb, or one that can help connect to the Divine, Astral Traveling and Dreams. I love working with Shatavari to connect with intuition, feminine energy {non gender} & my own Spirit. They help restore depletion, and honour Yin Nature.

Ashwaganda is an Adaptogenic root ally that grows well here in the Xálish Medicine garden, and is Indigenous to Africa, Asia, India, Sri Lanka & Mediterranean Europe. They are traditionally been worked with to help reduce stress, calm anxiety, and feel nourished from deep within. Ashwaganda is not a stimulating adaptogen, but can help folks who tend to feel ‘tired & wired.’ Exhausted yet having difficulty falling or staying asleep. It may help with insomnia and promoting deeper sleep, yet it doesn’t cause fatigue during the day. Ashwaganda is also helpful for overall vitality, energy, concentration and may reduce inflammation. They are also commonly used for those with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, and joint/muscle pain.

Chaga is beautiful mycelium (not fruiting body of Mushroom) that grows with Birch tress. Abundant in many parts of so called Ontario, but becoming over-harvested. It is important to know where & how the Chaga has been sourced before working with this Medicine. Also offering deep reverence & Love. Chaga is often worked with to reduce inflammation, boost immunity, calm our systems, and balance our inner fires. Chaga may help boost creativity, inspiration, and energy levels while also keeping anxiety at bay. Some research suggests Chaga may also help with liver detoxification, and boost our immune system.

Lastly, we add Lucuma, a fruit native to the Andes {gratitude to the keepers of the Medicines, foods, Land & Ancestors} that lends a sweet flavor and another dose of anti-oxidants.