Deadly Cousins

Deadly Cousins

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Deadly Cousins

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They are 100% Indigenous owned and operated.

Regardless of who you are, humour and laughter are medicine and bring us together. We just wanted to share some laughs and encourage our cousins to take pride in who they are and where they come from. That's important to us.

We want you to feel real deadly proud wearing the Rez Lifestyle line. And you know what, this stuff is not only for you cousins, but for our Allies as well. We can all rock this stuff to show support, understanding and unity for our Indigenous people.

Thanks for joining us with that Big Auntie Energy. We have some real deadleh plans ahead.

Ekosi. Hiy hiy.

Your ever deadly cousins.
(I think we over did it on the "deadly" eeeee not even)