January is a time for new beginnings, health, and the home. Not coincidentally, it's also National Hot Tea Month. Whether you're drinking to new beginnings, your health, or the domestic realm, get inspired with these Canadian tea companies. It's a great way you can celebrate Hot Tea Month this January.

Did you know tea is the second most consumed beverage in the world? There are over 1,000 flavors. Hot Tea has influenced different countries’ cuisine for hundreds of years. Tea even plays a part in many countries culture and their representation on what is the best way to serve tea. Whether you follow the brewing traditions of the English or Chinese Customs, or ethically harvesting on your land for the perfect blend - National Hot Tea Month is best celebrated with a cup. 

SPILLING THE TEA - West Coast Wildflowers is celebrating National Hot Tea Month for all 31 days of this month. Together, let's drink to new beginnings and learning about the small businesses our team supports.  From sleep support to focus, energy, confidence, calm and more. Whatever your goal, West Coast Wildflowers and our tea experts have you covered! 


HARMONIC ARTS - Nestled in beautiful Cumberland, BC, Harmonic Arts is a family-owned plant medicine company devoted to supporting the health of people and the planet In 2009, clinical herbalists Yarrow and Angela Willard identified a gap in the availability of high-quality, herbalist-formulated plant medicines. Guided by their belief in accessible herbalism, they began crafting potent, effective, and easy-to-use herbal products. Inspired by the natural abundance of Vancouver Island, the Willards' passion for plant medicine leads us in developing innovative herbal formulas to nurture you on your path to wellness. 

MOON TIME:  A gentle, warming blend with a touch of rose. Supportive to PMS symptoms, and menstrual cycles.
INGREDIENTS - Vitex*, Cinnamon*, Cramp Bark , Ginger*, Nettles*, Cleavers , Lady's Mantle*, Red Rose Petals.

 Wild Harvested *Certified Organic by EcoCert

Vitex - Supports hormonal and uterine health.
Ladies Mantle - Regulates the moon cycle.
Cramp Bark - Provides relief from PMS and cramps.
Nettle - Blood-building support for (heavy) moon flow.
Rose Petals - Feminine energy and a slight aphrodisiac.
Cleavers - Eases bloating and water retention.
Cinnamon - Warming, aids in circulation. Ginger - Helps to reduce pain.


HORNBY ISLAND TEA - After completing a Diploma in Environmental science, which was equally disturbing, as inspiring, and completely changed to way I viewed products throughout our grocery stores. This is what planted the seed and moved me to get involved with supporting; sustainable family farms locally and globally.

It is all about creating a product that is equally as good for our health as it is for the environments. That allows the hard working farmers, local businesses and economics to thrive.  The exceptional quality, taste, aromas, health benefits and experience are what stand out from basing a business on these principles. Hornby Island tea blends island grown lavender, calendula, and mints with green and black teas from The Small Tea CO-OP family farms in Assam Indian. Wildly harvested nettles with rich iron red rooibos from the mountains of Cedarburg South Africa.



I AM BEAUTYGreen tea, herbal blend. This blend is rich in antioxidants, promotes a strong immune system and will aid with digestion. Silica from the horsetail promotes radiant hair, skin and nails. Lavender will calm nerves and stress. A daily beverage intended for your health and beauty.

Ingredients: Assam Green tea, Lemon Grass, Nettles, Calendula, Lavender, Mint, Lemon Peel and Horsetail.


STANDING SPRUCE - Plant medicine is an important part of our history; our foundation is built on ancestral knowledge and old world medicine. We believe in magic, and in the importance of mother earth for our health and wellbeing.Standing Spruce carries a wide range of wildcrafted products and remedies; including but not limited to: skin care, healing oils, balms, loose herbs and teas.



Detox Blend: Detox with this soothing blend of: Lemon Grass, Red Clover, Peppermint Leaf, Nettle, Nootka Rose Petals, Calendula Flowers & Red Peppercorns.

TEASE - Tease creates blends that support you to live and lead consciously. We’re on a mission to show every woman that they have exceptional power to impact themselves, their communities, and their planet. We do this through supporting daily intentional rituals that create long lasting impact. One cup at a time.


 MIDNIGHT MINT - Soothing worries (and digestive systems). A calming blend of peppermint, rooibos and rose to transition from hustle to relax mode. Caffeine Free.

Ingredients: Peppermint* + Spearmint leaves*, Honeybush*, Chamomile* + Hibiscus* + Rose* + Calendula*+ Osmanthus petals*. *Organic Certified Organic by Pro-Cert Organic Systems

Each tube contains 15 pyramid bags. 

DID YOU KNOW! Tease is apart of our refillable collection and is fully biodegradable, and refillable. Put your blend delivery on auto-pilot with our auto-refills. Pause, add or cancel anytime.

Today, we are serving you with a cups of fun and hot information!

Tea bags were...  accidentally created!

Thomas Sullivan successfully marketed tea bags, after he sent his tea in silk bags to clients and they mistakenly steeped it in them

First Tea Brewed

It’s believed Chinese Emperor Shen Nung discovered hot brewed tea when tea leaves accidentally fell into his pot of drinking water.