Satya in Notable Life Written by Patrice Mousseau

Satya in Notable Life Written by Patrice Mousseau

Tell us your ‘Start up’ story?
When my daughter, Esme, was 8 months old she developed eczema. She was scratching so badly, that when I went to pick her up there would be blood on her crib sheets. The doctor’s only suggestion was a steroid cream. Unwilling to accept that as an option, I researched traditional medicine and a variety of academic studies at different universities. Then, using that research, I created my product in my crock pot in my kitchen. It cleared Esme’s eczema in two days.Then I asked the other Mom’s on my Facebook group if anyone else needed any. I ended up having to immediately make three more crockpots.

Tell us about Satya, and what the name stands for.
I was searching for a name. Something that would reflect my values and serve as a North Star for the company. I came across the concept of Satya, which refers to being truthful in one’s thought, speech and action. I knew it was perfect! It reflects our transparency and commitment to be of service to our customers, those we work with, and the environment.

The branding is adorable, how did you come up with recyclable jars?

It comes back to the concept of Satya. I thought about what I would want as a customer, as well as what had the least impact on the environment. Glass jars and refillable travel tins. Our packaging is 100% recycled paper, created by a woman owned business, using wind power offsets and all of the inks used in our printing are veggie/soy based.

Why do you believe using less ingredients in a product provides better results?

When someone has a skin issue/sensitive skin its vital that they know exactly what they are coming in contact with. Which is why it’s so important to be certified organic and simple. Fragrance, alcohols, parabens, these are not things that any company with an understanding of skin issues would put in their products. I believe that, we as consumers, deserve products that are effective without harmful chemicals, toxins or negative environmental impacts. Steroid creams are not an effective long-term solution. They can carry negative side effects such skin atrophy and hypopigmentation, acne, thinning of skin and topical steroid withdrawal.

What is the strangest feedback you have received while building your business?
Being told I should add different scents to my product.

Satya owner, Patrice Mousseau

If someone had $99 what should they spend it on?
I’m thinking a good monthly music service like Spotify, new underwear or socks, try a salt water float and then an ice cream or hot chocolate with whipped cream, depending on the weather. Anything that makes you happy really.

Tell us a Satya secret.
Not sure if this a secret, but I’ve had A LOT of customers over share their success stories with me. It’s’ been highly recommended that Satya works great around intimate areas as well. Including, but not limited to your butt.

What is next for Satya?
We are expanding fast. More and more stores are carrying us and in fall 2018 you will be able to find us on Shoppers and Rexall’s shelves. I’m hoping, that as Satya grows, it becomes the first line of defence recommended by doctors instead of steroid creams.

Forever. You will always find Satya at West Coast Wildflowers, Indigenous Owned Lifestyle Boutique. Shop Now!