Charcoal Recyled Wool Scout Blanket Anian

Charcoal Recyled Wool Scout Blanket Anian

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The campfire blanket has been an important part of Scouts Canada’s history since its creation in 1908. When it comes to choosing a blanket many scouts say, “It’s wool, or nothing” and we agree. Wool boasts being both warm and more fire resistant than synthetic alternatives. The scout’s blankets often serve as memory keepers, laden with various patches from achievements and events over the years. Whether it’s impromptu beach nights or huddling around crackling campfires, we hope our Scout Wool Blanket is one you’ll collect memories with too.

Material  80% Recycled Wool + 20% Nylon. - Made In Canada

Garment Fit 59 inches x 64 inches.

Washing Guide: Cold water wash hang dry.