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Maple Espresso is one of a kind when it comes to rubs. Expect big flavour, multi-dimensional espresso taste with a tamed, yet spicy kick and sweet Canadian maple notes that beautifully matches its rich smokey red profile. We collaborated with Ethical Bean to create this unique, complex and delicious rub by freshly grinding their Sweet Espresso coffee beans that complement proteins such as game-meats wonderfully. Maple Espresso works best as either a dry-rub or marinade; we recommended thoroughly coating protein at least a few hours ahead of time to allow absorption of flavour and tenderization. You will want to try this one.

Try it with game meats, grass-fed beef, and grilled chicken


Wild game has been a massive staple in Sonier's restaurants over the years while being out West. His menu's surrounding the use of wild game came to be and has been recognized for as it's something he's very passionate about working with, using the entirety of the animal for all kinds of different recipes. With the different types of wild game he has worked with, he felt the desire to create a spice rub that complimented the beautifully-rich taste of the game proteins. Sonier's new-found love for coffee since moving into the Rocky Mountains and old-time favourite Canadian maple sugar felt like an organically born spice blend that was meant for this type of cooking.

Ingredients: Organic Spices, Organic Ethical Bean Sweet Espresso, Canadian Hand-Harvested Sea Salt, Organic Garlic, Organic Onion, Organic Mustard Seed




Canadian Chef, Mike Sonier, captures his stories through the sustainable blends that helped define his many years of adventurous coast-to-coast travels. Along the way, he adapted to a cultural journey of flavours and ingredients that have helped to shape each blend.

Ethical Table’s mission is to grow awareness for sustainability, inspire kitchens globally, and encourage others to live a life full of passion.

We believe in directly sourcing from smaller, sustainable farms to encourage making a positive impact in not only our Earth, but the lives in many that contribute in helping build this product that we share with you today.