Grilling Station Blend (Steak Spice)
Grilling Station Blend (Steak Spice)
Grilling Station Blend (Steak Spice)

Grilling Station Blend (Steak Spice)

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Grilling Station is your BBQ's perfect steak spice that offers a peppery texture, aromatic seasoning, mild toasted taste, garlicky punch, lingering coriander, spicy kick from the chilli peppers and bold Canadian flavour. We believe steak spices need to be coarse, rugged, and vibrant to turn your proteins into a flavour powerhouse. It'll be your pantry staple for all changing seasons of the year that provides an immediate elevated experience to your grilled protein with each use. The best results are from generously rubbing onto well-oiled proteins at least a few hours before it hits the hot grill. 

Try it with beef, elk, venison, bison, vegetables, and potatoes


The grill station was one of Chef Sonier's many favourite stations in the kitchen as a young cook. All he can remember about being on the grill was just how much steak spice he would use. It was on everything and was considered the "king spice" in the kitchen. Reminiscing back on those days brings up lots of memories of cooking over the hot heat of the grill in the blistering heat of the kitchen during summertime back in his hometown Moncton, New Brunswick. To this day, Sonier loves to cook steaks on the barbeque and created this steak spice to provide a nostalgic taste with high-quality ingredients and kicked out all of the added bi-products found in most steak spices.

Ingredients: Organic Garlic, Organic Spices, Organic Onion, Canadian Hand-Harvested Flake Salt, Organic Dill Seed, Organic Herbs, Organic Mustard Seed


Canadian Chef, Mike Sonier, captures his stories through the sustainable blends that helped define his many years of adventurous coast-to-coast travels. Along the way, he adapted to a cultural journey of flavours and ingredients that have helped to shape each blend.

Ethical Table’s mission is to grow awareness for sustainability, inspire kitchens globally, and encourage others to live a life full of passion.

We believe in directly sourcing from smaller, sustainable farms to encourage making a positive impact in not only our Earth, but the lives in many that contribute in helping build this product that we share with you today.