Authentic Indigenous beaded earrings. Made in Canada. DENTALIUM with abalone.


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Our collective hand makes each one of a kind art with inspiration from our surroundings in the pacific northwest where our lineage goes back over 10,000 years.


Note: I to am still learning Kwak'wala. Its a tough language to learn... Especially being urban but I do my best. 🤗🌿❤️
• Nugwa’am L’alittlilakw gayutła̱n lax̱a Musgamakw dłu ‘Namgis dłu Mamalilikala dłu Lkwungen dłu Skwxu’7mesh. Heda̱n ǥa̱'aǥa̱mpi Joyce Moody dłu' Clifford Thomas. Heda̱n ǥa̱'aǥa̱mpi Doreen Shaughnessy dłu' Herbert Lancaster. Heda̱n a̱ba̱mpi Bambi Lancaster (nee Thomas) dłu' heda̱n umpi John Lancaster. Gayutła̱n giga̱'oł'nukw lax̱a Mamalilikala, Skwxu’7mesh dłu Leeq sun Musgamakw dłu ‘Namgis.

I have just introduced myself in my traditional tongue. My name is L’alittlilakw, which means "one who has a gift of calling people together/to gather", but my 'anglicized' and given name is Brandi. My name was given to me in 2003 here in Victoria, BC at Wawadit'la or Mungo Martin House. My Kwak'wala loosely translates to: I come travelling from Kingcome Inlet, Alert bay, Village Island, Songhees, and Squamish and Valdez island. My maternal grandparents are Joyce Moody Thomas and Clifford Thomas. My paternal grandparents are Doreen Shaughnessy and Herbert Lancaster. My parents come from these places- Village island, Songhees and Squamish and Valdez island in the case of my mother. My father comes from Wakeman sound and Alert Bay. My lineage is rich and has survived The Great Flood, Colonization, Residential schools, the 60's scoop, environmental destruction, and more to this day.

• I am 1/4 of Coastal Bead Collective, and wanted to take the time to introduce myself to you all. I've been beading for about 8+ years now. I taught my sister Jenna, and taught Chelsea as well during my practicum at SCCFS. Where I work full time as a Cultural Support Worker. It's amazing to work with your sister and one of your besties at art shows and the like. Welcome// Gilakas'la and Thank you for supporting indigenous artists like the three of us- Gilakas'la ❤️🌿