Cheers! Puzzle
Cheers! Puzzle
Cheers! Puzzle

Cheers! Puzzle

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Grab a drink, it's time to puzzle. High contrast, bright colours and texture will help guide your puzzle pieces into place.  

Pieces: 1000 Pieces

Difficulty: Hard

Artist: Quinn Poer

Finished Size: 68 cm x 48 cm

About the Makers

Fitz make small-batch jigsaw puzzles that feature artwork from up-and-coming female artists. Our puzzles are the best quality, beautiful and one-of-a-kind—It’s time that the classic jigsaw puzzle got a makeover!

All Fits’ Puzzles have a matte lined finish making them non-glare. Our pieces are made using a luxe paper so you don’t have to worry about them warping or peeling apart

Female Artists | Made to be Framed | Great for Meditation