BBQ'd Chicken
BBQ'd Chicken

BBQ'd Chicken

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BBQ'd Chicken is a great spice blend to add to anything grilled or baked. It's course textured creates a great crust when generously rubbed onto the protein, and provides a hard knock of flavour. You can expect slight smoky notes with a great balance of garlic and onion with savoury characteristics from the herbs, balanced with citrus notes and ground turmeric root.

Try it with chicken, pork, burger patties, vegetables and avocado toast

Ingredients: Organic Garlic, Organic onion, Organic Peppercorns, Organic Lemon, Canadian Hand-Harvest Sea Salt, Organic Spices, Organic Dried Herbs, Organic Turmeric Root


Canadian Chef, Mike Sonier, captures his stories through the sustainable blends that helped define his many years of adventurous coast-to-coast travels. Along the way, he adapted to a cultural journey of flavours and ingredients that have helped to shape each blend.

Ethical Table’s mission is to grow awareness for sustainability, inspire kitchens globally, and encourage others to live a life full of passion.

We believe in directly sourcing from smaller, sustainable farms to encourage making a positive impact in not only our Earth, but the lives in many that contribute in helping build this product that we share with you today.