My name is Ali, owner of Wildflowers & Co. Each week, I share content that ranges from ethical, sustainable, refill program, low waste alternatives to BIPOC matters. This week, I will be exploring a business that embodies what it means to be an ally towards an Indigenous business. Now let's begin!

Welcome to Wildflowers & Co. virtual community gathering place, I welcome this space to all allies and BIPOC community. It's a virtual space that I intend to grow with love and compassion while leading difficult conversations, challenging regular business practices, support BIPOC artisans  and making allies along the journey. Arro Athletics is BIPOC supportive, inclusive of body positivity and sizing to female entrepreneur changing the comfort of women's apparel with one pair of pants at a time. 

WHAT'S THE BRAND - Arro is a brand made by women for women. We built our brand based on what we wanted, what flattered our curves, and what gave us the most confidence to power through our work outs. The seed for Arro was planted when we were seeing real results from similar products, but knew we could create something better. Arro is based out of Campbell River, Vancouver Island and founded by Farro Mackenzie and Alice Field. 


December 11, 2020 - Arro Athletics began to build a relationships with Wildflowers & Co. Before this launch, I approached Farroh [HOT POTATO] to offer Arro Athletics in Campbell River, B.C. As Wildflowers & Co. launched two months earlier, it was difficult to accessing new brands or collaboration to co-share brands. More importantly, sourcing brands with values that aligned with Wildflowers & Co. was difficult. Arro Athletics launching at Wildflowers & Co. HOLY HONEY HAM, let me tell you folks' - I was beaming from the top of my head to little toes. 

Farroh did not enforce or pressure minimums. This means, I did not have to purchase more than I needed for our small shop. The pressure of reaching minimums does force retailers to purchase more, more and more than needed for businesses to the most important owner - our dearest MAMA E. Over the lifetime of retail stores, owners will can be forced to offer sales or donate inventory that does not move. This places a HUGE impact on our environment. [This SWEET LITTLE PEACHES] is for another virtual community gathering. 


The GREATEST is Farroh is friendship before business. You don't often gain the same friendships with sales rep that can bloom with local makers. (remember - the purpose of sales rep is to build and sell the brand being represented). You are BUILDING and LIFTING other families dreams up by supporting small artists and makers direct. To the turkey's and hams reading this, that is the GREATEST feeling in the world. The GREAT is supporting a female entrepreneur that is building apparel to support other women of all colour, shape or size. 


What Does Body Positivity Actually Mean?

To me, body positivity means accepting the body you have as well as the changes in shape, size, and ability it may undergo due to nature, age, or your own personal choices throughout your lifetime. It's the understanding that your worth and what's going on with you physically are two separate entities — that no matter what's happening inside, outside, or to your body, you're still just as worthwhile as the person next to you.