ACTIONS after the 'Hashtags' #StopAsianHate

ACTIONS after the 'Hashtags' #StopAsianHate

Wildflowers opened with the advice 'do not be political' however, I chose a different path. I chose a path of authenticity, being vulnerable, choosing transparency and unapologetically me.

I chose me. Alissa Assu, with my mothers lineage to the Wet'suwet'en First Nation and fathers lineage to Vietnam. From a lineage of Immigration and First Peoples of Canada, it both beautiful but exhausting.

The #stopasianhate is not 'over there' across the boarder. Indigenous, Black and Asian people experience it here within our boards of Canada. Let's educate each other, Canada was built through Indigenous genocide and the exploitation of Asian workers. My father was an illegal immigrant to Canada, growing up I witnessed how my father was treated for his skin colour to english deficiencies. Lead with compassion, kindness and vulnerability to unlearn toxic opinions from those who belong to the Indigenous, black and asian communities. Hate is taught to our children but I believe we are engrained for kindness, compassion and abilities to make our world a better place.




It's important to share these messages. If this unsettles you or makes you uncomfortable - check your privilege. Do you feel overwhelmed listening about racism? Imagine how exhausting it is to experience it from health care, education to everyday life - which is why Wildflowers & Co. is important and a breath of fresh air for Indigenous people. With many directions to take this post, I will leave it at this ...

You can post all the hashtags, sharing Indigenous, Black or Asian supportive posts that dismantle racism and white supremacy. Those are important but you want to know what's more important - YOU. YOUR CHOICES EVERYDAY.

With daily interactions with people from the Asian, Black and Indigenous Communities. How you treat them in spaces such as health care, education to what's relevant to Wildflowers & Co. retail.

Sincerely and unapologetically,

Alissa Assu and Hue Nguyen